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    DQ57TM + Core i3


      Is it possible to activate Out-of band management for SCCM if hardware is:

      Mainboard: Intel DQ57TM

      CPU: Core i3


      Yes i know that vPRO platform is Core i5 and Core i7 with the same motherboard. But what happens if I put CORE i3 processor?



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          You'll get "Standard Manageability". It's pretty much feature compatible with AMT 3. So, it should work with SCCM. Of course my philosophy is always "try it and see". Let us know how it goes.

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            I tried it. AMT6.0 is downgraded to version 3.0 (only web management - NO KVM features.) if you want to connect to KVM via VNC viewer plus, U get insuficient permission error message.. However i ve got i5 661 and got same massages... that really sucks... hope new bios could help.. this vPro mark is ******* me off thats about 5 PC useless (without AMT 6.0) just because stupid brand..