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    Win10 - Really strange graphical glitches and extreme lagging after login, okay after dis- and reconnecting one screen


      Okay, this one is a little hard to explain since it's so weird and kind of unique so I've attached a video below to show what it looks like.


      A few days to a week ago a Windows 10 Update was released, not sure which one exactly since we've disabled the Windows Update service in our company, we provide them over another solution.

      After that update the graphics driver went completely crazy, after logging in the screen starts to "blink" and "flicker" every 8 seconds or so, like you'd apply a fancy filter onto a picture in Photoshop or something Then it'll continue doing so and lag like crazy, you can almost not click on anything or move the mouse precisely enough to hit a button. Once I dis- and reconnect one of the 2 screens I have everything works fine again.


      Additional the font anti-aliasing doesn't seem to work properly anymore, most of the time text seems mushy and soft now. Before the update everything looked fine, after updating the frame by moving/resizing the window it's sharp again.IE5vVS5.png  z3fsVbb.png




      I can't explain that at all. I mean, I know that Intel had a few graphic issues when Windows 10 came out but they resorted those after I made a bug report



      Lenovo M93


      Intel HD Graphics 4400 (Version, 11.08.2016)


      Things I've tried:

      Installing the latest updates by hand

      Completely removing and reinstalling the latest graphics driver