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    NUC6I7kyk freezes



      I bought the NUC a few days ago. Installing RAM, SSD, Windows 10 Home clean Install, all went well. Next step was to install all related Drivers from Intel.com as well as the Bios upgrade to 0041. I copied lots of stuff, around 400gb, to the ssd, looked Videos, TV Streaming for testing, no problems here. Installed and played an Online game with no problems at all. I didn´t change anything in the bios. Fan speed was on Balanced and RAM speed was out of the box @2400. Next day I installed TES4 - Oblivion, which is an older game and compatible with Windows 10. Played it for around 10 minutes @60 fps. Temperature was around 85° Celsius at highest, Room temperature 21° Celsius. After the 10 minutes I got the 1st freeze. System, Mouse and Keyboard didn`t respond anymore. Only a Hardreset sovled this problem. I tried this game again with lower settings, after 5 minutes the next freeze. So I stopped playing this game. After a while i wanted to play the Online game, which worked earlier and got also freezes now, means as good as unplayable. Now after 4 days of use, it gets more and more worse with this freezes. I must be happy to start Windows without a freeze, but however than it freezes there after a minute. The NUC also freeze in the visual bios. Each freeze need a hardreset to get rid of. This little thing is really a nightmare, lol. I gave up for now to avoid to break something.


      The System:


      Kingston HyperX Impact 32GB Kit (2x16GB) - DDR4 2400MHz CL14 SODIMM

      Sandisk X400 Sata 6G 1Tb

      Samsung Syncmaster SA300 @1080p + hdmi to dvi-d cable

      Windows 10 Home


      What I tested?


      Set to cool - still freeze

      Set to cool @55° - still freeze


      1st stick at bottom - still freeze

      2nd stick at bottom - still freeze


      newest Beta 15.40.xx.4530 - still freeze

      older drivers - still freeze

      windows basic driver - still freeze

      deinstall and install actual 4501 driver - still freeze


      Bios 0041

      repaired and installed windows again - still freeze

      deleted all files and installed windows again - still freeze


      Now I cannot test much more because the system is just a few minutes stable at best before it start to freeze. It doesn`t matter if I start the system or if I am in the visual bios. I haven`t realized any overheating during the short time when the NUC worked. I also found no problems with the SSD and RAM. It looks like a GPU problem to me.

      I am not sure if it is a Hardware defect or really just a driver problem.


      Maybe someone can help me to make sure if I have to start an RMA.


      Best regards

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          To make the list more complete, the memory is running now @2133 Cl 13 with the same result, nothing has changed. Today the NUC took several minutes til all apps are loaded and ready to use after the desktop screen appear, never had this before. Maybe a Windows error, no wonder after all the hardresets i had to do.

          I also forgot to mention, sometimes the power button has no light during startup. When this happens just the Fan spins up but the NUC don`t boot.

          I have no other ssd`s or memory sticks for test.

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            I've been having the same issue across several BIOS revisions and driver versions.  If you just use the i7 NUC for desktop browsing it's fine, but if you play youtube or a game or in my  case leave a camera monitor up it locks up.

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              Hi cwizardtx,

              thanks for your answer.


              yes, something must be wrong with the drivers. I am sure not a hardcore gamer, I dont need 100+ fps in ultra settings, but I would like to play some of my older games, which none of them are really graphic intensive, as well as some online browser games. The iris pro 580 worked very good during the short time I could test it. This was one reason why I choose the I7 nuc over the others. At the moment I can do nothing with my nuc, because of freezing after a few minutes. Maybe I will try later to clean install Windows 10 again, but I don`t belive this will help me a lot.


              Do you have still your nuc?

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                Yes I still have it.  It's an engineering sample, so I can't exactly cry too loudly about mine.  I suspect that my experience isn't because of that though.

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                  I should add that mine does not typically freeze up unless I am doing something that is GPU intensive.

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                    It's up now watching an 8 channel NVR, I bumped the fan settings to try to keep the CPU cooler.

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                      No further freezing yet.

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                        cwizardtx thanks for your information.

                        My plan was to replace my 7 years old desktop with the nuc, because i like the idea of small form factors.

                        I did my last try to clean install windows again, but it wasn`t possible because it freezes during installation. I had also a hard time to get the nuc power up. No blue light on the power button, just the Fan spins up. After a while it was possible to get into boot menu til it hangs anyway again.

                        This issues are so strange, it doesn`t make any sense to me.

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                          System froze up mere minutes after my last post.  My system is not as bad off as yours, I would request a warranty replacement for your unit.  Mine is a sample, so I suspect that I will just have to use it for light desktop applications which completely defeats the purpose of the i7 NUC and Iris 580 Pro chipset lol.  Maybe I'll try Server 2012 R.2 Essentials on it.

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                            Intel Corporation
                            This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                            Hello Georgeos,


                            Thank you for all the information provided.


                            At this point, plenty of troubleshooting has been performed, for that reason, I recommend you to contact us over the phone, chat or web form to check your warranty options.


                            Contact info here:


                            North America: Phone Number:  1-916-377-7000
                            Business Hours:
                            Monday - Friday
                            7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)

                            EMEA (Europe) contact information: http://intel.ly/28QeAF3
                            APAC (Asia) contact information: http://intel.ly/1ITfjUF
                            LAR (Latin America )contact information: http://intel.ly/29c0rW4

                            Or http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/contact-support.html?iid=intelfb

                            If you are from another location than the USA, you can change it on the top right corner.

                            Hope you can get this handled soon.


                            Esteban C

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                              Hello Esteban C


                              thank you for Reply.


                              My Location is Austria/Europe.

                              Today I got in contact with the Shop where I bought the NUC. An RMA is on going. I will send the NUC  incl. SSD and RAM back to give them a chance to reproduce this issues.

                              I really like this NUC, it would be sad when I have to replace it with something else.

                              But however I would also like, besides normal usage, to play some older non graphic intensive games longer than just 10 minutes, lol.

                              I will keep you up to date when I get  some more information or a new nuc, as well how it will work than.


                              best regards


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                                Intel Corporation
                                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                Hello Georgeos,


                                Thanks for the update!


                                I am positive this is only a faulty unit, and you will be able to play those games :)


                                I will be waiting for the outcome of this matter.


                                In case you require any further support, feel free to reach us out.


                                Esteban C

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                                  Intel Corporation
                                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                                  Hello Georgeos,

                                  I was wondering how did this ended up for you and how the replacement went for you.

                                  Esteban C

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                                    Hello Esteban C,


                                    I will get the new replacement NUC tomorrow with same SSD and RAM. It was possible to reproduce and confirm the freezes I had also in the shop where I bought the NUC. RAM and SSD test went ok. I will keep you informed how it goes after  I played some games etc.


                                    best regards,


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