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    HDD APM Problem


      Hello Everyone!


      I bought in the last week a brand-new Intel system. I switched from an "old" AMD system.
      I have an Asus H110M-K motherboard, with an Skylake i3-6100. I have an SSD (for the system) and a HDD (for the other stuff, games etc.) So, my problem is the following:


      I assembled my PC and started to installing the Win 10 Pro x64 system to my SSD. Everything was good, system is installed. I installed the Intel chipset driver from the Motherboard driver CD.
      Then restarted my PC. After that, I heard an weird sound from my HDD. It's "continously" spin off and on when I using it. The data copying is remain fast, but it's go to parking the heads and then back to the plate ... and again and again...
      I fear about that my HDD will get "destroyed" when this problem remain unsolved. My HDD is in good condition, 100%100 in every test program. S.M.A.R.T datas are also good. I downloaded an app called HDDScan, it has an
      APM manage feature. I tried to switch off the Advanced Power Management in this app, then... the problem dissapeared! But it's not a permanent solution, is remain only when I restart my PC or I log off and log on. I made a batch file

      which automatically switch off this APM when my system starts, but I think it's not a solution for the future. I'm afraid about my HDD health. I read about this problem, and some people said it's a bug in the Intel RST or in the Intel chipset driver,

      because in some cases it's have problem with the HDD's APM feature.


      What should I do now? Uninstall the Intel ACHI driver from the device manager and replace with the default Microsoft AHCI driver, or any permanent solution to this problem?


      Thank you very much!