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    is DZ68AF supports CPU overclocking?




      I have system with Intel i7 2600k CPU, my existing motherboard have some issues so i am replacing that one with Intel DZ68AF.


      I want to know is this motherboard supports CPU Overclocking? since it is based on z68 chipset and my vendor is also claiming that it supports CPU Overclocking.


      I am not able to find any P67 Series mobo in the market right now, but this DZ68AF is in stock. I know these are outdated and intel stopped their support for these.


      But can't afford building new system for this moment and lots of peoples are saying that 2600k is pretty good CPU so i am going to stick with it for next couple of years.


      So, can anybody please confirm that is this DZ68AF supports CPU Overclocking or not?