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      My device is SR300.I need develop AR games with it and unity3D. Our idea is that through the devive offer real secene and then I add virtual objects in the real secene so that the game can have AR effect.

      Now through the SDK, I can come true our idea in the Unity3D easily. But the effect is unsatisfactory.

      Because the virtual object does not have depth of field. It is always close in the real secene.

      For example,I need put ghosts in the real secene.The ghost is so small in the secene. If i largen scale of the ghost, the ghost fills the screen so that player only can see a little real secene.

      The depth of field is our primary problem.Is there any ways to solve it, or not?

      My idea is that i get information of video straming  through the Interface of the SDK so that i can create a new real secene.But now I do not know how to get the information.

      Is there Anyone who can hepl me ?