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    Problems streaming video over network from SS4200-E


      I have an SS4200-E NAS connected to my home network for backup of all my music, video, etc.  I have 2 2TB drives in it set to mirrored backup.  My issue is when I try to play video from the NAS over the network.  Sometimes it's no problem at all but other times I get a lot of lag in the video and sound.  The video will freeze for a second or two or get really pixelated then go back to normal then happen again constantly throughout the video.  If I am playing a full 1080p .mkv file (around 8GB) the movie will be really tough to watch because there is so much lagging and pixelation.  When I play smaller sized video's of TV shows around 175MB I usually don't have a problem but it does still happen from time to time.  The weird thing is that this does not always happen, just randomly.  Sometimes I can watch a complete HD movie with no problem and other times I cannot watch it at all.


      I am currently playing the video to my laptop over a wireless connection, however my roommates have direct connections to the router and say they have the same issues from time to time even on small sized video files.  We are using a Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL router.  We do have six people all using the network at the same time so maybe all of those connections has something to do with it?


      Does anybody have any suggestions on why this might be happening and what I could do to fix it.  I am going to try disconnecting everything from the network and playing from a wired ethernet connection to see if that works perfectly.  But at the same time the results I get might not be conclusive since this problem is not constant, just random.


      I really like the NAS but if I can't play back the video I have stored on it half of the time it's really going to be a pain.