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    ICH10R Raid 10 rebuild and Vista x64 hangs

      OK, I have an ASUS P5Q Deluxe with 4x Western Digital 1 TB SATA drives (the special raid edition from WD). I buy my computer a half year ago and all was fine until today. I switched on my pc, Windows Vista Ultimate x64 starts up and Intel Matrix Storage Manager gives a warning, that one of the four drives failed and raid 10 degraded. And really, one drive doesn't appear in drive list. So I shutdown Windows and restart the computer. Immediately the drive was back again and the BIOS of ICH10R shows status "rebuild", but when Windows tries to start I can see the green beam only and nothing more. For many minutes (meanwhile about a hour) I see only the startup screen. I have to reset the computer some times (because I have to take it from bedroom to living-room), but all the time only the startup screen. What should I do now?

      Windows doesn't start so that I can't see the progress of rebuild... Any hints?