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    HDMI port failure. External monitor showing green lines and pixels.


      Hello community!


      I currently have the MSI Apache pro G62 running with the GTX 960M. My notebook is working fine and I love it, however  a few days ago my external monitor (which is the Acer R240HY) started showing some "Green lines and little dots" in some areas of the display. I was surprise and concerned about this issue because it never happened before. I have  7 months with this monitor and never had a problem like this before. It was working fine and color resolution was great.


      However, I thought the problem was the monitor itself but after doing some tests using the monitor in different notebooks with different cable connectors (HDMI and VGA), I found the monitor isn't the problem. The display still working fine.  Also, the MSI built -in display still working fine and the color resolution isn't affected, which means the problem is not related to the video card.


      After doing some tests at my friend's house, I came back home thinking the problem may be related to the drivers or in a worst scenario... my HDMI port is failing.


      What a surprise! I updated all my drivers including the Intel and Nvidia ones and the problem persists so I am thinking the problem may be the HDMI port itself.


      It's not the cable, because it was already tested in a different computer and its not the monitor, because it was already tested too.


      I need help on this because I really need to have my HDMI port working  . The external display is part of my productivity and work and it's just difficult for me to be using the MSI built in display only, because I use my notebook as a desktop replacement and also, I am a video editor, photographer... and gamer lol.


      Please, I need your help guys. I know that I can purchase the Mini Dp to HDMI adapter to continue using the display in a different port, but before I go ahead and do that, I need to make sure that my port is failing or what is causing this problem.


      Here is a picture attached:



      Here's another one: