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    STK1AW32SC - BIOS fails to boot OS after power outage




      Dealing with the STK1AW32SC.


      After an unexpected power outage, sometimes, the BIOS enters a state where it will not try to move past the initial screen displaying 'Intel Compute Stick'.


      In this mode the option to press BIOS keys does not appear, and input keys are ignored. After what appears to be a 5 minute + time out, a screen appears with bios options:


      ESC for normal boot

      F2 to enter bios

      F7 to flash etc, rest of the options


      But the system hangs there until a key is pressed. I would greatly prefer the system to try and attempt to normal boot the OS instead of waiting on user input. Is this configurable someplace? I would like to embed these devices in a product which is not designed for user interaction.


      It appears the stick BIOS keeps track of successful boots and is falling back into another mode.


      Also in this state, the bluetooth option can flip from being disabled in BIOS (my preference) to being enabled. So some BIOS configurations are being lost?


      I have seen this behavior with BIOS revisions 19, 24, 26.


      I will try 29 which I have seen just posted recently and see if this still happens, but the notes make no notice of anything that seems related.


      Any help would be appreciated.