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    Reaching dangerous temps with my e5300


      Hi all, i received my new system two days ago, these are the specs:

      -C2D e5300

      -Asus P5KPL-AM SE mobo

      -2 gig. kingston ram pc6400 cl5

      -oem 500w 80+ power supply



      I'm a bit confused because (as i make always) i monitor the temps (nothing of o.c.) with these 2 programs: Speedfan 4.40 and RealTemp 3.4 (both the lastest) with all bios settings by default and the case is that at full load speedfan shows temps of 75-85 degrees and Realtmp reaches 70-74...i thought that was no possible since termal compound is correctly applied and the cooler is alive around 1700 +/- rpm.

      Well, i have seem that the mobo sets an vcore of 1,34 v to he processor what is fairly high, and knowing this i understand that temps can be high, but so much? well is reference cooler... another possibility is that speedfan readings are wrong (with this mobo) and i have not a right idea about configuring Tj in Realtmp...some people say 100º other 85-90º...well doesn't matter because the cpu always reaches high temps.

      The worst thing is that this ******* mobo doesn't allow changing vcore....sh*t...could you recommend some software to change vcore? Should i change my mobo?...another strange thing is that the delta between idle temps and full load is 40º!! so i think something is going bad, because is not normal 35-40 idle /75-80 full...

      this mobo is a piece of sh*t...i don't believe that while i can touch vtt, fsb term. volt, northbridge volt, etc i am unable to lower this ******* vcore...


      I need some help guys, my new rig will be off till i resolve this.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Realtemp should have the right TjMax in the software, as intel Published the data and they updated the software to include that.


          The E5300 should be quite a cool cpu, I have an E5200 in my homesever and it has almost passive cooling an the highest I see it ~70 in Everest.


          1.34V does seem high, I would check for BIOS update, jsut to make sure it's not setting the wrong values.

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            thanks for your reply. But the problem here is that this mobo (P5KPL-AM SE) does not allow changing vcore...so i'm hoping to find one program that let me do.



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              The motherboard should apply the correct voltage to the processor, if it's not doing that automatically then there is something wrong with motherboard.


              A BIOS update could fix it, otherwise I'd RMA it.

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                Bios update don't resolve nothing, i have done.


                This  motherboard doesn't change the vcore, sending always 1,34-1,35 v. to  the core...doesn't matter if i try with oc or even underclocking the  cpu, the vid remains the same...I think 1,35 for this core are too much,  only if somebody do oc will need that power. With speedstep enabled at  idle receives 1,10v, but the problem is at full load. with a cpu use of  75% the temps are about 70-75º (secure) but stressing both cores maximum  reaches 95, even 99% and starts prochot#. In the pic below you can see a  test with prime95-64b and realtemp.


                i would be interested in applications that allow me to change the vid via sotf. cause i bought mobo, cpu and mem in a pack and don't want to quit all if not necessary...if you know that software please tell me . I installed rmclock 2.3.5 but doesn't let me change the value.



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                  The spec's say up to 1.3625V so, I'd say it about right.



                  If it's getting that hot, there must be something wrong with the cooling to the CPU.

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                    I solved the problem yet, as i thought there was a problem with cooling, i take out the reference e5300 cooler and put in another from my q6600, that is apprecitely bigger and has a copper base, also cleaned the termal compound for nt-h1 from noctua, and now reaches a highest temps of 62º beeing stressed for 30 min with prime95, that's 37º less!!

                    The only i can say is that e5300 cooler are s**t, but now i'm happy


                    Thanks a lot!