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    Intel HD 530 Graphics will not increase its core clock over 100 MHz


      I just recently built this computer and i do not have a graphics card yet so for the time being i was just going to use IGPU. I started up CS:GO and the game's performance was absolutely abysmal. Probably less than one frame per second. I would have to assume the reason for the terrible performance is the IGPU does not exceed 100 MHz. I am using the I3-6320 with Intel HD 530 Graphics on board. The motherboard is a EVGA Z170 FTW. I have installed the Intel Processor Diagnostics tool and ran the test multiple times and everything checks out to be fine. I have also installed the Intel Extreme tuning utility and tried changing some things in there but no luck. I am on driver version I have looked around on the internet but i am truly at a loss of what to do.


      Any reply is appreciated, thank you