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    How to go from i3-2348M to i5-3210M?


      Hi guys, first post here.

      How can i upgrade my laptop processor from i3-2348M to i5-3210M?

      I got on the laptop it the i3-2348M and i just bought i5-3210M, put it in and my screen remains black, is there anyway to make the i5 work on my laptop?


      CPU-Z VALIDATOR for some extra info about my laptop


      Ty in advance for any help you can give me.

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          Al Hill

          Before you can do anything, you must ask your laptop manufacturer which processors are supported by THEIR BIOS.  Then, you can select from those processors.


          But, that can only be done of the processor is not soldered to the motherboard.


          Here is a comparison of your processor and two possible replacements.  Notice that your processor can use socket  PGA988B or BGA1023.  You must verify this with the manufacturer.

          Of the other two, one uses PGA988B while the other uses BGA1023:

          ARK | Compare Intel® Products


          If you find that your current processor use a BGA socket, you can stop now.  Your processor is soldered to the board.  If a PGA socket, you have a chance, but only if the processor is supported by the BIOS (and chipset).


          Since you have already swapped processors, and found that it does not work, either it is not supported by the BIOS, or the BIOS is not updated.  If the BIOS is updated, and it does not work, then you can stop now.


          So, contact the manufacturer and proceed from there.



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            Hello SleepyHitman,


            Nice trying to customise your own laptop computer, born to try!


            After checking the information you provided, I found something possible, such as HM76 PCH (which supports Ivy Bridge processors), same 35W TDP, same socket (FCPGA988) and so forth. But the differences between those two processors are also quite obvious, which might possible prevent you from replacing them with each other, such as the different memory modules support, different version of PCI-E Bus, Turbo Burst feature, and so forth. Well, the best thing is that first you'd better make sure your i5-3210M could work normally on other laptops. Second, try to clear CMOS by taking off the batter on your laptop for seconds and put it back. Remove the memory modules totally from your laptop, turn it on, and power off and cut off power. Put that memory module back to your laptop, then power it on and have another try. If in this situation, your laptop still give no response, then that might say the match or marriage between them both are impossible. Laptop computer is different from desktop motherboard, simply updating BIOS or patching it might not solve this upgrading problem. Anyway, I wish you good luck. Further help might need to contact with Lenovo support, I wish them would give you a fair response. Good Luck, again!


            Best Regards,

            Aaron Janagewen  

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              Found out that i have a generation 2 processor and i can not upgrade to a generation 3 processor i need to go from

              i3-2xxx to i5-2xxx

              not from

              i3-2xxx to i5-3xxx

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                yup, but have you tired my ways? Oh, I have to mention that there are two kinda batteries, one for power supply and the other for maintaining the data in CMOS. I wish that you could try my instructions. I have experienced many cases, without removing memory modules and clearing CMOS, even though the processor is supported, but the laptop without response. After clearing CMOS and removing memory modules, the system firmware would detect the hardware changes, and change the data in CMOS automatically. This procedure would help to make the firmware re-recognise memory modules and eventually succeed in booting up the system.


                There are too lots of thing in common between Sandy Bridge (2nd gen.) and Ivy Bridge (3rd gen.) processors, and most important of all, the chipsets your laptop uses do definitely support the latter. In other words, never give up before the very last step towards success.


                Again best wishes and good luck,


                Aaron Janagewen

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                  Thanks again for the advice i will try and do that in the following days, too tired now just got back from night shift

                  I'll update here if it works

                  Have a good day kind sir.

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                    Thank you very much. I wish you good luck and have a good night!

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                      Ty again, it works, proof here.

                      CPU-Z VALIDATOR

                      Now i would like to see if turbo mode works I'm gonna research on how to verify that


                      Later edit: yep turbo mode on went to 3.0+ almost the max 3.1

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                        Intel Corporation
                        This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                        Thank you very much to all the peers participating and providing assistance on this thread.
                        To SleepyHitman:
                        We hope all the information on this thread was useful for you, we as Intel, what we recommend is to verify with the manufacturer of the laptop, in order to check if the processor is upgradable and what kind of processors are compatible with it, so you can do the upgrade.
                        Any questions, please let me know.