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    Mini display port (male) to HDMI(female) converter not working right.


      Weird problem I can't trouble shoot with the nuc 5i5ryh. I have a mini display port to HDMI converter on the nuc and so a normal HDMi cable connecting the converter and my quad res Acer monitor. Problem is that when powering the nuc, there is nothing displayed on the screen but when I power on the nuc with the HDMi disconnected from the converter, wait till I think windows 10 has booted, then plug the HDMi cable back to the converter and now it works fine. I have updated Intel graphic drivers and bios. It works the same on different monitors. I do have a mini HDMi to HDMi cable and that works fine but I'm working on a case mod that required I have a Converter. I could use a mini HDMi to HDMi converter but I don't want to spend $10 then find out it works the same as the Mini DP to HDMi converter. So if anyone's got possible solutions Id appreciate it tyvm.