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    Advice for powering multiple devices including the NUC6i7KYK from a single power source


      Hi all, just some newbie question to any makers out there or even intel - I would like to stay minimal and power 3 devices from a single power source. I assume the only vector of action here is tapping the power supply that comes with the nuc and using regulators to provide 2 more connections for the devices I need and if the math works, so should the circuits.

      The only power header I see on the board is the 5v on the front panel, and that doesn't seem to have a ground. I assume all the other pins there are communicating to the nuc so they must not be used for powering devices.


      It would probably help those who have done this before to see what power is required for the other 2 devices I have.

      First device states it needs 7-18v (12v recommended) and power supply rated up to 8w

      2nd device i dont have the details for but im guessing its some typical 9v thing.