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    Skull Canyon Recommendations


      Hi Folks,


      I'm looking to purchase a Skull Canyon in the near future & am seeking some advice on a few matters.


      1. Recommended RAM manufacturer: I'm hoping to install 2x 16gb DDR4 SODIMM (32GB of RAM). Not that I necessarily need that much right now but I intend to overbuild the NUC so I don't have make changes any time soon. Which supplier is best in your opinions.


      2. M.2 SSD: I was going to go with 2x intel M.2 SSD. Has anyone tried this combo inside the Skull Canyon & how did it work?


      3. Bluetooth keyboard & mouse: I've seen the list of compatible devices but they may not necessarily be available in my area (Macau). What have others used & your recommendations.


      Thanks for your help.

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          Hi, i just got mine so ready yourself for my recommendation that is based on one night of work on it. I used my old bluetooth keyboard and mouse and they are ok, but really the best thing about them is just they are small - probably not good if you really need to do serious work - its the microsoft Sledge Keyboard (i assume it is the first model..they probably have new ones), and the Sculpt Touch mouse. Again, i just have these for some quick work on the go - id rather use a wired keyboard and mouse. But I have no issues with the bluetooth stuff at all.


          I opted to stay very clear from Samsung stuff and went with Crucial ram (micron chips on it) and the Intel 600p 512. I only have one 16gb ram stick for now, but have no issues. And I just use one SSD - so not getting into RAID and etc.



          ram - 16GB (1x 16384MB) Crucial CT16G4SFD8213 DDR4-2133 SO-DIMM CL15-15-15 Single

          ssd - 512GB Intel SSD 600P Series M.2



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            What is your planned choice for O/S? If you are going to be using Windows 10, then your choices are ok. If you want Windows 7, however, there is a problem. Windows 7 does not have native NVMe support and you need drivers to be provided. Intel (and Kingston) do not provide drivers, so you can only use Windows 10 [Aside: someone posted a Windows 7 install image that supposedly has the native drivers (from Windows 10) added. This image did not work with an Intel drive]. Your two choices that provide drivers (and support Windows 7) are Samsung and Toshiba (OCZ).


            Hope this helps,


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              Windows 7 has fleas anyways.


              I'm trying a 600p for the 1st time next week, will be loading up a ST NUC with Server 2012 R.2 Essentials

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                Yes the intention was to use Windows 7. May have to review that. I was going to use Intel 540 m.2 ssd due to the fact that they offer 1tb capacity for the same price as a 512gb ssd from Samsung.


                Has anyone loaded 32gb of ram yet. As I said, it's more so I don't have to upgrade later than actually needing it now.

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