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    Intel drivers update problems



      I wanted to report on problems related to Intel drivers

      1) after updating Intel Graphics driver from version to VGA_Intel_Skylake_Win10_64_VER20.19.15.4404.03 (available on ASUS drivers update page) the system goes to sleep too quickly once the computer is left by user even for 1 min, and my attempts to toggle the settings for Power Saver do not help much in resolving the situation,

      2) after updating Intel Management Engine driver from version 8.0.10100.71 to MEI_Intel_15M_Win10_64_VER11001162 (available on ASUS drivers update page)  a different issue related to Sleep mode arises. Once the computer has gone to sleep mode, pressing the power button does not awake it, so the system is rebooted every time.

      By searching posts in Google anyone can find confirmation for both cases, so this means I am not the 1st person to encounter them.


      My computer is ASUS X555LD (K555 series)  notebook, Windows 10 Home 64-bit (upgraded from Windows 8.1).



      I also create a similar thread on Microsoft and ASUS forum, so it can be discussed by technical specialists on both sides



      So any recommendations with regard to both problems or advices on what updates I can try to install will be very much appreciated.