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    Does 82599EB SR-IOV VF support VLAN trunk?


      The background:

      I'm using the 82588EB SR-IOV function, and attach the VF direct to the VM.  My app running inside the VM requires send and receive both VLAN tagged and untagged traffic, just like the VLAN trunk port on the switcher, and may require 4096 VLAN tags pre VF. The traffic will be tagged inside the VM by the app itself.


      My questions are:

      What kind of configuration should I do for the NIC or VF to achieve my goal?

      Should the promisc mode be disabled?

      Does it related with the VLAN filter parameter?

      And does the hardware or driver has any limitation for the VF's allowed VLAN tagged/untagged traffic?


      Before I asked the question, by searching the community, I saw some topic about VLAN filter, and seems there is limitation about supported VLAN tag number, 64 or 256 or 512, anyway, not all 4096 VLAN tags are allowed to pass to the VM.


      If the limitation is true, I would like to know why, is it the hardware limitation or driver limitation?