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    Intel Graphics HD (Intel Atom x7-Z8700 Processor) - code 45




      I have a Beelink BT7 computer (Beelink BT7 Mini Pc Powered by Atom x7-Z8700 Processor - Beelink Mini PC - Beelink - Mobile - Powered by Discuz! )

      it's based on Intel Atom x7-Z8700 Processor (there is no external graphic card).


      I connect he PC to my TV by HDMI cable, then i saw the desktop on my TV but the sound I couldn't hear,

      so I google it and found that I need to change the windows (win 10) sound settings -  So I locket in the sound properties (playback tab) and show the disable devices

      and I cannot find the TV (image attached).


      Then I checked the drivers of the graphic adapter and i found that there is problem

      with the  Intel HD graphic - code 45 (image attached)


      I update the graphic adapter driver to the last version (using windows search) and the problem didn't solved.


      So I down load Intel possessor test kit and run it on the device and the result was that everything is OK.


      One more thing: I checked witch graphic adapter windows used - and I found that it use Microsoft basic adapter (image attached)....


      How can I solved this problem ??






      devaice menager 1.PNGdevaice menager 2.PNGsoud propaties.PNGused grafic adapter.PNG