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    skull canyon random freezes while gaming


      Received my skull canyon last week with


      Installed the intel driver utility and updated all drivers, also flashed the latest bios.


      Its attached to a 1080P Samsung TV via HDMI and is primarily used as htpc with HD Homerun Tuner, NextPVR and Kodi.


      It randomly fails to wake up when turning on the TV, so I changed the power options and that seems to happen less.


      I also play Deus X mankind divided ad 1280 x 720 with Graphics set at High (have tried medium and low with same issue).  I have also tried it at lower resolutions with same problem.


      I'll be playing the game for 10 - 20 minutes when it just locks up and emits a loud persistent sound and the only solution is to pull out the power plug, restart it and play again only to lock up again a few minutes later.


      I really like this NUC, its really fast and everything else seems to work well.


      I want to play games on it and if I can't get it resolved I will RMA it to newegg.

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