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    Bluetooth communication between two edisons


      Hi all,

                      I have few questions regarding the communication of Bluetooth between two edisons . I'm able to ping the from Edison to other Edison using Bluetooth following the user guide http://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/edison/sb/edisonbluetooth_331704007.pdf and my queries are as below

      1)How can we send data of the I2C sensors (which doesn't have bluetooth) from one Edison to other Edison using Bluetooth?

      Note: Not by FTP as it transfers only files and SPP uses SPP-PRO application in android but whereas in other edison we can't use that application.

      2)Only Bluetooth sensors can able to send data using Bluetooth to other Edison using GATT tool or Can we use GATT tool for I2C sensors in order to send data to other edison?

      3)Can We write the test file which is there in bluez for Bluetooth sensor or any other sensor?

                                Please do needful.Hope the answer will be helpful.


      Thanks and Regards,