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    Broadwell-DE power budgeting



      Added the screenshot of Broadwell-DE SoC DC spec.

      Please use the following link to see the datasheet:



      Core rail power (1.82 x 55 = 100.1) itself is crossing the Pmax of the SoC(90W)!

      Power calculation not looking realistic with the maximum current values in the datasheet.

      Also stand-by current is crossing the 10W SMPS standby power capability.

      Any suggestion to do the power budgeting in a more realistic way?




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello VishnuT:
          In regard to your inquiry, what we recommend is to use the BIOS and any other settings at stock configuration, just like you see them on that datasheet.
          The support we provide is based on the stock settings, and based on that is why we do not a have a document or information of how to do a power budgeting.
          If you need to change those settings then we cannot guarantee the proper functionality of the PC, and it might damage some components, so, that customization will be at your own risk.
          Let me apologize for any inconvenience.