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    Bluetooth Software Release 19.10.1635 (Win7 19.0.1607) is only a partial package


      2016-09-28 - Zip Download for IT Administrators - Package Version 19.10.1635 - Windows 7 Driver Version 19.0.1607

      https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26314/ (4.43MB)


      2016-09-28 - EXE Download for End Users - Package Version 19.10.1635 - Windows 7 Driver Version 19.0.1607

      https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26311/ (4.46MB)

      Note, the package version is listed differently on the link above since the page/package is only for the Windows 7 driver. Per the following page, this 19.0.1607 Windows 7 Driver is part of the 19.10.1635 overall release.




      For those who have been following the Bluetooth install problems over the past few months, new Bluetooth drivers is something we've been watching a lot. This most recent release has me confused at the moment. It's significantly smaller and doesn't do much or include much. I'm performing a clean install, the exe runs and does nothing. No logging, no errors, just gone. So I pulled down the IT admin package to see what was inside; it only has the Intel Bluetooth.msi_Update folder. It does not have the usual DLIH and LANG folder with it, along with the files Intel Bluetooth.msi, Setup.exe, and Setup.xml.

      Naturally, I can go back to the other most recent update: Package v19.0.1603 (Win7 v19.00.1629), but that's dated over two months ago at 2016-08-01.


      The FAQ still lists incompatibility with Microsoft KB Patches, but I thought those were all fixed? Last I remember, I did a clean install with the driver, with all the KBs installed, and all was well. The KB says it was updated today, 2016-10-05, but I don't see any changes in it. It used to have an older rev date and was before the patch that fixed incompatibilities that required us to uninstall that July KB.





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