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    How to print double value ?


      How can I print double value 2.345 I try to use f and e value but effect was as below:


      double a = 2.345;


      QM_PRINTF("VCC: %.2f \n", a);          print: "VCC: %.2f"

      QM_PRINTF("VCC: %3.2f \n", a);        print: "VCC: %3.2f"

      QM_PRINTF("VCC: %e \n", a);            print: "VCC: %e"



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          Hi mark_kram,


          I believe it’s because of the format you’re using in the print statement. Can you try to use %lf instead of %2f?

          Let us know if this works for you.



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            Hi Alvarado,


            the effect of below code:

            double a = 2.345;

            QM_PRINTF("VCC:  %lf \n", a);




            VCC:  %f

            so maybe you have other idea ?


            Of course it is not the problem resolve this situation (for example code below) but I just wondering maybe it it possible to write shorter code and base it on double type of data:


            resistor = (resistor/(NUM_SAMPLES_POLLED/2));

            fotoresistor = (fotoresistor/(NUM_SAMPLES_POLLED/2));

            uint32_t fotoR_light_percent = fotoresistor*(100.0/ADC_RESOLUTION);

            uint32_t fotoR_voltage = fotoresistor*(3300.0/ADC_RESOLUTION);

            uint32_t resistor_percent = resistor*(100.0/ADC_RESOLUTION);

            uint32_t resistor_voltage = resistor*(3300.0/ADC_RESOLUTION);


            QM_PRINTF("\nResistor med.: %d\n",(unsigned int)resistor);

            QM_PRINTF("Fotores. med.: %d\n",(unsigned int)fotoresistor);

            QM_PRINTF("Light %d%% ADC:(%d,%d V)\n", (int)fotoR_light_percent, (int)fotoR_voltage/1000, (int)fotoR_voltage%1000);

            QM_PRINTF("Res. sett.: %d%% vol. on res. %d,%d V\n", (int)resistor_percent, (int)resistor_voltage/1000, (int)resistor_voltage%1000);



            Best regards,


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              Hi Frank,


              I found a list with the format specifiers that are used in C. Take a look at http://www.codeforwin.in/2015/05/list-of-all-format-specifiers-in-c.html and try the options for double data types.