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    Xeon E3 1265LV3 vs E3 1276V3 same graphics?


      Hi all

      I have a HTPC based on an Intel S1200V3RPM server board with a XEON E3 1265L V3 processor. Some time ago, I wrote here https://communities.intel.com/thread/48407 in some detail about my problems getting the displayport of the board to output audio.

      I had always assumed that the XEON E3 1265L V3 contains a P4600 graphics engine. Today by chance I noticed that on the datasheet of the processor, only Intel HD graphics is listed.

      Having seen this, I am asking myself the question whether the display port would output audio, if I changed the processor to a XEON E3 1276V3, which in the datasheet is listed to contain a P4600 graphics engine.

      Anyone have an idea, whether this upgrade might solve the problem?