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    Intel HD Graphics and frame/refresh rate like 100hz - 110hz - 120hz and more , what about ?




      More i try to find information, more i'm lost.

      What about the capability for all series hd graphics who can be use to output more 60hz refresh rate for resolution at 1920 x 1080 ( but can be another ) ?




      I've read some (good ?) informations :

      - using DVI & DisplayPort connector are depend by the bandwitch

      - Need to have DVI Dual link

      - depend by what's specification motherboard constructor using


      I do not have read something about chipsets ( like H77, H87, H97 ...) : are they limit the frame rate/bandwitch ?



      Hope can someone clarify the situation ( sorry for my poor english )





      More personnal ...

      Actually, i'm run on motherboard Asrock h77 pro4/mvp & ivy bridge i5-3450 & monitor Acer GD245HQ

      By testing, i know i can't output 1920 x 1080 at 100hz-120hz. ( maybe possible ?)

      But we imagine the motherboard have DisplayPort, you think i can ? ( need DP to DVi adaptor)



      For futur purchase, can i find micro-atx / mini-itx "all-in-one" low tdp product with displayport and dvi dual link for running fullhd @120hz, like card ASRock J3160-ITX (dont know if this model can).