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    QSMI Source File handling broken


      In Eclipse it is possible to arrange your source files into folders and include them all into the build project. Seems to be broken in QMSI.

      Consider the 2 source files main.c and SRC2.c. If they are both in the main workspace folder then build is executed OK.



      Now move SRC2.c to the folder SRC2 (already added to the project) and the contents of SRC2 do not get compiled


      Looking at the icons in Project Explorer I see that some are coloured blue and others yellow which seems to be significant. This probably points to the source of the problem but I'm not an Eclipse guru so cannot elaborate.

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          Hi ngaman,


          I have done a test using the blink example. I created a
          source file named 'hola.c'  and then I
          created a source folder named 'hola' and added the 'hola.c' source file into it.
          My code compile with no errors. Can you please hand me your code in order
          to see what’s problem, can you also try the blink example and adding a simple
          source file in order to see if there is something wrong with the software Intel
          System Studio. 

          source file 1.PNG

          source file 2.PNG




          I will be waiting for your reply, have a nice day.




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            Hi Jose, Thanks for the reply.

            From the screenshots one cannot see if the hola.c file was actually compiled. We need to see the Console window for that.

            I installed plain vanilla Eclipse CDT (Neon) and compiled the problematic program


            As you can see, both files w.c and myprint.c were compiled. I cannot repeat the behaviour in QMSI (which is a modifed version of Eclipse

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              Hi ngaman,


              I will investigate more deeply this issue, I will get back to you with my results soon.


              Best regards,



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                Hi ngaman,



                I checked what you posted in your other thread (https://communities.intel.com/thread/107038 ). Actually, I tested it and got the same result so I understand what you mean. Unfortunately, what Michelle described is the way how QMSI currently works. We always appreciate the customer's feedback and yours is very useful. I'll forward it to the proper team so they can review it and consider it for future updates.



                In the meantime, I recommend you to follow the suggestion provided by Michelle. Even though it's not how you would like to proceed, I understand this can be a little frustrating, but unfortunately this how Intel System Studio is working at the moment.



                If there is anything else I can help you with, please ask. We'll try to do our best to help you.



                Best regards,