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    IAStorUI error when hitting Manage in IRSTconsole, and IRST not available at boot


      Hi all. First time posting a message.  I was running Windows XP with two 500gb Seagate Barracuda drives in RAID 1.  I know system is old, but I only use it at work for one small purpose, and it'll be too much expense and effort to upgrade entire system.  Anyway, IRST informed me that one drive could have potential for failure.  With the potential of not finding exact new 500gb drives, I decided to upgrade to 1tb drives.

      I followed Intel's instructions at  http://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/000005837.html


      I was cruising along and able to get all the way to instruction #16. (so I rebuilt data to new drive, restarted, reset disks to non-raid, removed old drive so it had one drive, rebooted and partitioned new drive to include unallocated space, ie: going from 500gb to 1tb,  turned off system, attached second new drive, and booted up)


      When I booted up, first thing I noticed was that the "Control I" option no longer appeared during boot.  Then, at desktop, when I opened up the IRST icon at bottom right of screen, and clicked the "Manage" option (so that I could create new Raid 1 and migrate data to new drive), I got the IAStorUI error message and IRST then closes.  When I go into Disk Management, both disks are active. 


      My IRST version is  Since I am running XP, I am limited as to the upgrade versions.  I don't know if upgrading is the answer, trying to reinstall version, or something else. I need to get this finalized so I can start using this PC. Any suggestions????