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    MASSIVE MEMORY LEAK in v1.10 !!!


      This morning, after having the STK1AW32SC running nothing (just booted and sitting there) for four days, Windows 10 x64 popped up a dialog box reporting "low memory".  A quick check in Task Manager showed the "Remote Keyboard host app" using more than 500MB of RAM !!!


      Rebooted, and within 1/2 hour, Task Manager showed it was the primary user of memory (other than the base OS).  In two hours, it has climbed to over 100MB.


      So, I checked my Lenovo Stick 300 (Windows 10 x86), which also has the Remove Keyboard app installed, and it was showing 372MB used by the "Remote Keyboard host app".  Rebooted, and the Remote Keyboard app memory usage has climbed from an initial 3MB of memory usage to over 80MB in two hours.


      The primary utility (at least to me) of the Remote Keyboard app is as a backup tool to restore the accidental loss of Bluetooth connectivity to my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  That means it needs to be started during startup.  I assume there is a similar need for embedded usage.  At any rate, starting the Remove Keyboard app and then letting the computer run for several days, virtually guarantees a computer crash.


      Also, I note that the installation of v1.10 also installs both the 2013 and the 2015 Microsoft C++ redistributable libraries.  Using two different libraries in the same package doesn't sound to me like the best coding practice (particularly memory management).