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    Iris 540 graphics hang when playing homeworld remastered


      I love this game and actually purchased it last year when it was released with steam, I just play skirmishes with the computer. I upgraded my laptop(MacBook pro retinal to one with HD540 graphics but the display driver crashes when ever I get a few battle cruisers going with several fighters and frigates or large battle scenes.


      other things work flawlessly like mass effect, oblivion and starcraft 2. I have tried the following with the steam app but with no luck


      I have reinstalled the drivers. I am currently running
      I verified the game integrity,
      set TDR delay
      disabled TDR
      reinstall microsoft visual c++ 2012
      ran as administrator
      let the troubleshooter run as windows 8 and windows 7
      turned all the graphics down to minimum
      tried different video resolutions
      changed intel HD graphic settings:
      Application optimal mode -diabled
      multi-sample anti-aliasing -turn off
      Conservatave mophographical anti-aliasing -turn off
      general setting -performance


      This is on a Lenovo yoga 900s running
      intel Core I7 6560 CPU
      16 GB ram
      samsung 512 gb ssd


      I also had the same problem with a dell xps 13 with the same CPU.
      I also tried the GOG.com version and I experience the same problem. I never had problems with this game on HD4000 graphics
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