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    Downloading Chipset and it always fails but isn't updated to latest version


      I was downloading a Chipset driver but it says that it failed. Don't say It is updated to the latest version because it's not. It is like or something idk but it was under the latest version. So to fix this problem I tried to install an old PCI graphics card (NOTE: I did not have a graphics card) But that did not solve the problem. Do I need a PCI-E graphics card, will that solve the problem. My old Dell didn't even recognize the PCI card but I put it into a PCI card slot. So I have a PCI-E card slot and decided to salvage an old Compaq graphics card from a Compaq. It didn't work. So do I need a PCI-E card to update these drivers. Look at the pictures for proof idk. [Reply ASAP]Screenshot (2).png