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    How to Capture Video Stream from Edi-Cam Server using C++ in openCV?


      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to do some processing on video being streamed from an Edi-Cam server (GitHub - drejkim/edi-cam: Video streaming on Intel Edison ) which is written in nodejs.

      Is it possible for me to capture video stream from Edi-Cam Server using C++ in openCV?



      The C++ coding that i wrote as follow:

      #include <opencv/cv.h>
      #include <opencv2/highgui/highgui.hpp>
      #include <opencv2/imgproc/imgproc.hpp>
      #include <iostream>
      #include <stdio.h>
      using namespace std;
      using namespace cv;
      int main()
          Mat frame;
          namedWindow("video", 1);
          VideoCapture cap("");
              cout<<"Camera not found"<<endl;
              return -1;
          while ( cap.isOpened() )
              cap >> frame;
              if(frame.empty()) break;
              imshow("video", frame);
              if(waitKey(30) >= 0) break;
          return 0;



      When running the C++, it does not show me the video and show me "Camera not found".

      However, in Intel Edison terminal, it shows:
      "GET /video.mjpg 206 87.816 ms - 1248"

      Screenshot from 2016-10-01 18-26-32.png








      Thank you.