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    Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Prosessor, only 2 cores working?




      I've made a complete troubleshooting thread at the ASUS forums:



      I managed to get back into my BIOS and noticed my CPU Core Voltage was running with 1.5V. All my settings are at default because i have never OCed a system before.


      I've now went to Ai Overclock Tuner and am using XMP

      XMP DDR4-2667 16-18-35 1.2V as it says on my DDR



      Lower down im at CPU Core/Cache Voltage which i put in Manual Mode to lower the 1.5 Volts to 1.250V (is that enough?)

      Changed the DRAM Voltage to 1.2474V


      Advanced Tab:

      Hyper Threading Disabled

      Active Processor Cores: 1


      That only got me getting into Windows.. should i enable Hyper Threading again and put Active Processor Cores to All?


      Update: Tried Hyper Threading Disabled with Active Processor Cores All. That froze after a few seconds in BIOS and it wouldnt not load Windows.

      Error code i got was b2,



      1902 drivers didnt change the 1.5v on my cpu cores. I changed it again to manual and 1.2V.

      Upped the RAM to 1.28V


      Hyper Threading enabled with Cores at 1 works.

      Hyper Threading enabled with Cores at 2 works.

      Hyper Threading enabled with Cores at 3 freezes my pc. Q-code A0


      If i enable more then 2 cores my PC just freezes. I think i have a bad CPU?

      Bought 2 days ago...