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    Help Boot problem - 3 x blue light (led)




      I have a nuc6i3syh. The NUC won't start anymore.

      When I turn it on the blue led on the front starts blinking 3 x.


      Monitor isn't displaying anything (HDMI).


      Please help I need to get it up and running.



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          Hello NUC_OK ,

          If you don't see the INTEL logo, the Bios is corrupted and you shall recover it.

          There are two methods to recover Bios:

          1 Removing the Jumper (I thing if you fill safe to open NUC you should use it). Here you will find the instruction: Skylake NUC BIOS 44 Unleashes NVME SSDs But BIOS Recovery Is Needed - The NUC Blog

          2 Power Button: Power Button Menu BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC

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            Hello lw1948,


            Thank you for your reply. With which bios version should I do the BIOS recovery? The Downloadcenter from Intel isn't working all day. After a product search i get: Page Not Found. In the link to nucblog they say bios version 0044.


            I tried the BIOS Recovery option with the jumper with version 0042 and 0052 but nothing happens also the monitor isn't reacting when powering up the NUC.


            Can it be that there's also a problem with the HDMI? I can't test it because I don't have a mini display cable.


            The Power button option I didn't try yet. Same question with which version should I try?



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              Also tried the power button option with the 0052 version. Not working. The 3 beeps are there all the time also when i don't hold the power button

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                Hello NUC_OK

                1. The last and the correct BIOS version is 0052. If you have update to 0052 with the jumper methods, there is no point to try Power Button method. During the bios update did you see any video?

                2. This is link to the NUC Blink Codes: Blink Codes and Beep Codes for Intel® NUC . Looks  that you have problem with the memory. Try to remove one of the memory modules and see if NUC boots. Then try the other memory module. Check if the contacts are clean. And finally check the other possibilities in the above link.

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                  Yes, this is definitely an indication of an inability of the BIOS to initialize the memory.


                  If you have only a single DIMM (and you have not attempted to overclock the memory), it is likely bad. Still, test whether moving it to the other DIMM socket starts it working. If not, you'll have to replace it.


                  If you have two DIMMs, test with a single DIMM. Try it in both sockets. If any issues, switch to the other DIMM and test in both sockets, If one DIMM works and the other doesn't, replace the one that doesn't. If both DIMMs fail when used in a particular socket, then either these DIMMs are bad or are incompatible with the NUC. In this case, get some other DIMMs to try. If they too fail, there's a likelihood that your NUC has a problem and will need to be replaced.


                  Hope this helps,


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                    The nuc6i3syh was installed and running. Used Memory Crucial 16 GB (1x) SODIMM DDR4-2133.

                    After entering the bios and switch fastboot on this happened.


                    I have 2 nuc6i3syh here (the other one has a problem with a rattling fan ). Guess i'm lucky with 2 NUC's having troubles. I switched memory from the

                    one to the other NUC and that didn't solve anything. Both DIMMs work in the rattling NUC but not in the 3 x blue light (led) NUC. I also tried both sockets or with no DIMMs at all.


                    @lw1948 >> no video. Like i said the monitor isn't responding to the NUC. The bios is not updated to the latest 0052 but I don't know on witch version it was when i got it. Will the power button recovery only work with the bios version that was on it?


                    Any other idea to get the nuc back to life?







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                      You can try the following:

                      1. Connect speakers to NUC and insert USB stick with the sy0052.bio file.

                      2. Depress Power button and release it after third beep.

                      3. After about 30 sec, depress F4 key. The bios recovery shall start.


                      Before doing all this I'll advice to reset the BIOS by removing the Bios battery and replacing it back.

                      CMOS Battery on Intel® NUC

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                        Thank you for your advise.


                        I tried your solution including removing the battery from the motherboard.

                        After the 1 minute I hit the F4 key and there was a short stop of the continues 3 x blinking/beeping and

                        also the light of my USB stick lighted up. But right after that the light of the USB stick went off again and the blinking and beeping

                        started again. Not monitor reaction.


                        I give up. Unbelievable that non of the described solutions are working. But i'm no the only one if I read other posts.


                        For me the NUC's are a big disappointment. I'm going to send them back. I thought I would be safe with buying from Intel and not an other

                        unknown brand. The forum is full of strange failures on the NUC's. I guess Intel still has a lot to improve on the NUC's. Also very strange that

                        their downloadcenter page is broken for days already.

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Thank you very much to all the peers working on this thread, your comments are very useful.
                          To NUC_OK:
                          Since at this point pretty much you tried all the troubleshot steps that we recommend, I just wanted to let you know that the NUC has 3 years of warranty, so, if by any chance you need to replace it we can always do that for you.
                          If you are interested in the replacement, please get in contact directly with us through chat, email, phone or online support, you just need to select NUC on product type and you will get those options:
                          Any questions, please let me know.