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    Intel Wireless Card & Sophos AP100 BSOD Issue


      Hi there, we are trying to install some Sophos AP100's in a building to replace their old access points. (old ones are Proxim AP 700's)


      The sophos ones are very expensive so we have only purchased 6 so far (around 20 AP's in total).


      However, the minute we plug in the access point. A large chunk of the laptops start bluescreening every 10-30 minutes. Also the wireless drops out and reconnects every few minutes also.


      The result being it's unusable. Now here's the interesting bit, even laptops on the other side of the building, out of range from the sophos AP will bluescreen.


      The laptops affected are mostly lenovos, with some HP's and Toshiba's. All with intel wireless card (e.g. most have AC-7265 or similar model).

      As soon as you unplug the sophos AP, all returns to normal.


      Also it only blue screens if they're connected to the old AP. If they are connected to the new one, then it won't crash. Unfortunately we can't turn off the old ones as we need coverage everywhere.


      We've tried updating drivers, updating the firmware on the old access points. Reducing transmission power on the AP's. Tried disabling wireless N and HT mode on the cards, but no joy.


      We are thinking that we will just have to replace all of them. Unless there's something else that can be done, maybe an open source driver?


      Here is the BSOD. It's identical on all of the affected machines. Also note, they will often BSOD two at the exact same time!