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    Wireless AC 7625 - Keeps disappearing (Even from Device manager)


      Hi all  I hope someone can shed some light on an issue I seem to be having.


      It mainly started a week ago or so, It more or less started after I updated windows 10 as well as using the Fn + F2 key to toggle airplane mode on my notebook (Asus G752VT). The wifi did come back on after I switched it back on

      I noticed I completely lost the wifi connection. After trying to update drivers from intel and from Asus itself with no fix, I reset the PC to factory settings which seemed to solve the issue until a couple of days ago. The wifi connection comes and goes and seems to be very random, I can either power up and it be there and once the laptop restarts it disappears or it just isn’t there when powered up.


      I have checked device manager and I have noticed that occasionally the intel Wireless 7625 AC driver is hidden with a fault advising code 45 - reconnect this hardware device to the computer.


      For example,

      Was working earlier, turned on this evening and wifi connection gone and gone from device manager.

      Updated driver from the intel website

      Restarted laptop and still no connection, even tried switching off.

      Went into device manager and removed intel wireless AC 7625 with driver software (Was hidden)

      Turned laptop off, turned on and now wifi connection appears?


      However now the laptop has been off and back on, it has gone and even when i have uninstalled it from device manager, it isn't re-appearing.


      I really do hope someone can help me on this


      Thank you in advance