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      Hello, this is my first post and I'm glad to meet you.


      Well, it's 6 years since I built my actual dp55kg based system and time has come to jump into SSD world. And... why not do it at beast mode?


      SSD PCIe HyperX Predator - 240 GB, 480 GB | Kingston


      I've bought this. And it's working. And it boots Windows 10 without problems. And it rocks. And it makes no noise. And performance is getting me crazy because it cannot run properly.


      Here, at spanish Noticias3D fórum, I've posted a Little review and the problem. PCIe x4 slot, announced in the manual as 2.0, is not working at 2.0. In fact I don't know which mode it's working with.


      Comunidad N3D


      It's an old thread intented to know if the drive could boot or not, because time ago there was a doubt about if the Predator could boot or not. In fact, I wrote to Kingston and they said to me that they did not compromise to guarantee that the drive could work the way I wanted to in my "old" motherboard. Then, i converted that thread into a review and discussion about this Kingston SSD drive.


      Help me, please.

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          Ask your specific questions here.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Welcome to Intel's Communities!


            First of all, I want to mention this product is at End of Interactive Support which means Intel no longer provides email, chat or phone support for this product.


            For that reason, we cannot assure the system is going to work with newer hardware due to possible compatibility issues (i.e having slower transfer rate as in this scenario).


            With that said, I noticed the last OS supported by the Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG is Windows 7*, do you have the option to test it out with this OS? That could help.


            Here you can find the OS support list for our Desktop Boards: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/desktop-boards/000005640.html


            Hope you have a great week!


            Esteban C

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              I'm sorry, many problems to come back. Sorry as well, for not doing an specific question, I hoped to give enough info by the "Noticias3D" link.


              Mr Esteban C, I'm very pleased for your intervention, I didn't expect there was such a rapid Intel intervention. Of course I know the support period for DP55KG is over, but notice I need your help because this is a hardware upddate issue, and updates come as time pass, indeed.


              This is the problem: The kingston Predator PCIe SSD isn't working at 2.0 mode, and my investigation comes to the fact that the motherboard is not activating that mode, leaving the card running at 1.x. My investigations also confirms that Intel DP55KG has that PCIe x4 slot announced and capable as 2.0, so that should the way it has to work.




              SSD card configured at BIOS. There is no way to view or to change PCIe specification version that is working. Strange data: PCIe nVidia 550TI working at same GT/s rate than the ssd card.




              Speed test. Very poor results. Kingston Predator SSD can read at a 1400Mb/sg rate and write at 600Mb/sg (sequiential write rate looks like it has no bottleneck as well as reading rate does). Let's check if the recently bought drive is all right installing it into the free PCIe x8 slot.




              Ok, the motherboard has adjusted its pcie lanes at x8 for the graphics card due to the newly installed ssd card into the "crossfire/sli" slot. Dammed! What the hell is the meaning of that 5GT/s data rate? Have my graphics card always worked at 50% transfer data rate? Before this 550TI I had an ATI 5850 and it always worked at 2,5GT/s. Is my motherboard defective since first time of use?




              Now numbers become normal. It confirms that the PCIe x4 is the problem. And although I was sure that slot X4  is 2.0 because of official specs and manual specs (hard checked before buying the PCIe SSD), I might check it, I'm afraid.





              Ok, that's perfect, AIDA reveals that Kingston SSD card specs are correct: PCI Express 2.0 x4. Let's check motherboard slot.





              Dammed! Whatt's the meaning of that? Intel claimed everywhere this slot as 2.0? What's happening?


              Many tests before and configuration checks, I've uninstalled PCI sound card Audigy 2 ZS without positive results. Now it's time to look more inside:






              Windows device manager. Sort devices by connection. SATA AHCI device properties (that one that holds Kingston Predator).


              "Running PCI speed link" "Value=00001"


              "Maximum PCI speed link" "Value=00002"




              Root port PCI Express (that one where the ssd card is plugged). "PCI Express specification" "Value: 0002". It's the same specification that I obtain from the Graphics card slot.



              What can I do?

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                In addition to the (however likely) possibilities of bugs affecting operation, you need to remember that the actual performance of some slots will be limited by the throughput of the DMI bus connecting the chipset to the processor.


                What can you do? There's only one thing you can do, namely upgrade to the latest available BIOS. But, once you are running on the latest available BIOS, that's it; there's nothing else you can do. If things work, great. If they don't, well, it's time to purchase a more-modern board.


                Understand that, when this board was released, PCIe 3.0 didn't exist and SSDs (especially PCIe-based) didn't exist. Even if a PCIe-based SSD worked properly, you couldn't boot from it. The PCIe performance not being what is expected could be the fault of the card being installed, not the board (though I rather doubt it in this case).


                If your warranty was still alive (which yours isn't; you would have had to have purchased the board "new", in original sealed package, through a legitimate vendor, in the past three years), you do have the option of having it replaced, but that's the extent of the remedies available to you. Understand that (a) these boards are long past their EOL and EOIS dates and thus no support is offered any longer and (2) since Intel exited the desktop boards business a couple of years ago, there is simply no one left to look at issues anyway.


                Sorry, not the answer you want but this is the reality of the situation...


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                  Thanks, Scott. Of course the first thing I think about as a solution is a BIOS update but its many years since last published update for my motherboard. It was bought on 2010. It would be a personal present, a crhistmas gift from Intel.


                  This is not a PCIe 3.0 device but 2.0 x4, a suitable specification for the DP55KG (theorically). Of course I didn't choose that Samsung 951 because that models need more than 2.0 bandwith.


                  It boots up without any problem. It was a possible issue and it broke up with first windows 10 setup.


                  It's a pity, that Intel discontinued motherboards manufacturing. Simply, robust, fiability.

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Thank you very much Scott for the answer provided!

                    Please let us know how it goes with his recommendations, Fran_Spain

                    Esteban C

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                      How it go? I'm afraid, without changes.


                      Changes, in my opinion, depend on:


                      - Be able to tweak the initial "handshaking" between motherboard and pcie ssd during P.O.S.T. I wonder if there is such a software tool.

                      - Be able to tweak the startup configuration during ATA controller BIOS install during final P.O.S.T.

                      - Be able to tweak the startup configuration in windows for the drivers that hold both devices, root port and AHCI controller.


                      There are several ways to cath more information. First of all, use a Linux distribution in order to know how a completely different operative system manage this issue. Of course I must test Windows 7, but it will make no diference, for sure.


                      I've also contacted Kingston support. I hope they'll have any idea.


                      Ask your Intel mates, Esteban. This problem is such a challenge!

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                        Intel Corporation
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                        Thank you for the answer.

                        Let me check this, I can't promise a lot since the board has been out of support for a while, but I will get back to you at the soonest.

                        Esteban C

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                          Intel Corporation
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                          Would you please let me know what is the full model of your processor?


                          Esteban C

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                            Intel Core i7 870, B1 release, microcode rev 7H.


                            Kingston guys had already answered. They do sugest me to place SSD in the x8 PCIe slot, but I'm afraid I can reach better solution. They do sugest also to instal Rapid Storage Tecnology Intel driver but I'm afraid it won't make any difference. An interesting sugestion is to connect SATA power plug on the motherboard. Although this is theorically only needed to bring extra power for great demanding graphics cards, it could be, as I said, interesting. I'll test.

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                              Intel Corporation
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                              Thank you for the information provided.

                              Please keep me updated after testing the recommendations mentioned.

                              Esteban C

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                                Intel Corporation
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                                Hello Fran_Spain,

                                I am checking in to find out if you were able to get this tested with recommendations related to power source.

                                Please let me know :)

                                Esteban C

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                                  Intel Corporation
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                                  Hello Fran_Spain,


                                  I am checking in to find out if you were able to get this tested with recommendations related to the power source.


                                  Please let me know


                                  Esteban C

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                                    Hello Esteban, happy new year 2017.


                                    Sorry for the wait, I've been too busy, thank you very much for staying with my problem.


                                    There are no changes. Pluging that SATA power plug made no sense to the PCIe mode of the card. But now I'm afraid the problem show itself perfectly:




                                    Another hardware update: A nVidia GTX1060. Never happened such thing ago, the x16 slot became 5 GT/s. The initial handshaking with this new graphics card does reach pure PCIe 2.0 x16 mode, something that my old ATI 5850 never did. So this, joint to those technical articles about PCIe I've been reading shows to me the evidence: PCIe 2.0 is not working. PCIe 2.0 runs at 5GT/s and the predator ssd only reached 5GT/s mode conecting it into the x8 slot.


                                    Two posibilities: Intel sold me an incorrect product or, they should had published some BIOS to correct this issue, I'm afraid. Like me, many people may not need the x4 slot till time pass and brings a hardware update need.


                                    Any fantastic idea?


                                    Edit: If I only had another pcie 2.0 x4 card for testing...

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