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    Multiple Displays Audio Problem


      Running an Asus B85m-E Board, uninstalled and updated all drivers (and BIOS)...current setup is as follows:


      Monitor 1 - HDMI->DVI

      Monitor 2 - HDMI->HDMI

      Monitor 3 - MiniDP->DP


      when i used minidp->dvi on monitor 1 i'd get no signal...clearly a wire/hardware problem, no biggie


      i have all 3 on extended desktops...monitor 2 is my LG TV so I watch my videos on there...the video portion of everything is squared away...the audio is where the problem comes in


      If I unplug Monitor 1 and 3 I get audio through my HDMI cable to TV no problem whatsoever, but if I plug either other monitors in I get no audio through my TV (but audio through my speaker jack on computer works fine), I've done everything to update drivers short of doing a fresh install of windows (which i really do not want to do).  this is not even a hdmi passthrough problem because again if the TV is the sole monitor plugged in, audio works fine...is there a conflict somewhere?