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    SD card reader




      after upgrading one of my NUC (6i3) with Windows 10 anniversary upgrade, I have issues with the internal SD card reader.

      After using the sd card to download my pictures and eject it, the reader will not recognize any other card. In the device panel there is written it's working ok even if not.

      A reboot doesn't solve the problem. The only workaround I found is to delete the device from control panel, so at the next reboot it will reinstall the device and the it works once more until I repeat the same steps.


      Is there a driver to update or what can I check?

      I didn't see any driver in the update tool regarding SD.


      Thank you


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          Hello Max_ap

          Nothing new in your case. Please read the following threads and you will get an answer:


          1. NUC6i5SYH Windows 10 ntoskrnl.exe System and compressed memory high CPU using SD reader

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            Thank you lw1948

            If I understand ok, the problem is solved with BIOS update if you run Windows 10 before Anniversary update but it is not solved if you run Anniversary Update?

            Only workaround in the second case?




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              I don't know if the problem was solved with BIOS 0052 in the previous Windows 10 version, because I've upgrade the Bios after upgrading Windows 10 to version 1607. In my NUC only workaround helps. In addition I don't agree that the problem is in Windows 10. I have Toshiba laptop and in this laptop SD card is detected in all cases and also with the latest Windows version. So, I believe that there is still work for Intel. Any way Intel shall come to agreement with Microsoft, how the SD driver shell be interface with the OS. The workaround off all kind should be only a temporary solution.

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                Hi Max_ap,

                1. You shall update your Bios to version 0052.

                2.Trough Window Update you shall apply Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 (KB3194496). After updating Windows with this update (it was released today), your Windows 10 Version 1607 will be updated to Build 14393.222.

                3. With the new Bios version and the latest Windows patch, the SD card works OK and is always detected (without any need to workaround).

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                  Thank you. I will proceed as described

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Thank you very much to all the peers providing assistance on this thread.
                    To Max_ap:
                    I just wanted to confirm the information posted previously as correct, by doing a Windows update and a BIOS update to 0052, the problem with the SD card should get fixed, as you can confirm on the other threads as well.
                    Any questions, please let me know.