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    Does QMSI support C++?


      I haven't been able to create a new C++ project in QMSI. The only option to start a new project seems to be to open an example C project and then build upon it.

      While I'm not a fan of C++ theres a ton of Arduino libraries in C++ which should be relatively easy to port to QMSI. I really don't want to re-invent perfectly good code in another language.

      Maybe I'm missing something?

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          Hello ngaman,


          The only current language supported by QMSI is the one included in ISSM. We assure you that we work to make our products more accessible and compatible with devices that are already on the market. Hopefully languages such as C++ are added to QMSI in the future, nevertheless, the only one that is available right now is C.



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            Thats a real pity as is it means that a whole bunch of code is having to be re-invented.

            There's not really any migration path from Arduino to D2000 on both hardware and software levels.

            While the form factor may be similar, the 3.3V level, 5V intolerance and lack of ICSP means that few, if any, Arduino shields can be used.

            It really begs the question - why bother?

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              I understand how you feel, unfortunately, right now C is the only language available on QMSI. Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback and I will make sure to send it to the appropriate team so they can be aware of it and take an appropriate action.