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    Window 7 64bit + Turbo Memory + SSD



      I am using a Window 7 + 4G Trubo Memory in my Laptop. However, I recently replace the hardisk by a new 160 GB G2  SSD with latest firmware.

      Regarding the use of Trim, I read the "Intel Solid-State Drive Optimizer"



      It tells about:

      Operating SystemStorage DriverExecution Environment
      Microsoft Windows* 7Microsoft* AHCINative OS trim support enabled
      (Intel® SSD Optimizer not required)
      Microsoft Windows 7Intel® Matrix Storage Manager**Intel® SSD Optimizer required
      Microsoft Windows
      Vista* or
      Microsoft AHCI or Intel® Matrix Storage ManagerIntel® SSD Optimizer required


      Any now..I want to ask:

      1. Is it worth to use Turbo Memory in an SDD Laptop?

      2. If no, I shall uninstall the turbo memory, drivers and IMSM. Then how do I know native Trim is still working properly?

      3. If yes, since I have both AHCI and IMSM installed....is it still necessary to install Intel® SSD Optimizer?