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    Intel Edison Firmware Software Release 3.5 FAQ ?


      For the last two month i'm trying to build a custom Yocto Poky Image which fulfill my needs. Everyday i'm facing new problems and challenges about this topic and in my opinion it would be so much easier to get along with the intel edison if there would be a FAQ page about the Edison buildsystem and Sources.


      I will give same examples about what really bothers me about the process of building an image using the Intel sources and documentation.


      What would i like to know ?

      I first built my Image with a personal layer, to not influence the standard layers and recipes. I used the sources form edison-image-from-src-package-ww25.5-15.zip as you can imagine i had to put a lot of afford to it to update all of the recipes (for example gcc, mraa, util-linux ...) to my needs. So at first it would to be nice to have a document which is showing all recipes and packages by name and version and maybe a note about what changes has been made to fit to the intel edison.


      I followed the instructions from IoT - Build an Intel® Edison Image using bitbake | Intel® Software

      that worked fine so far.


      After the release of the 3.5 Firmware i decided to build a new image using the sources iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606 from http://iotdk.intel.com/src/3.5/edison/ . In the zip file there is a README.edison and i assumed that it would provide some instructions to build the new image. So i followed the instructions and it dont worked... there are problems with the java layer which i'm not able to solve.... So i looked up the communitie posts and the solution is the follow up the old instructions from  IoT - Build an Intel® Edison Image using bitbake | Intel® Software . So before i started to build i checked some recipe versions and i was kind of surprised that all the versions i checked (mraa 0.7 ?) hasn't changed. So by using the setup.sh in the edison layer it seems that all the old stuff from the ww25.5-15.zip is downloaded. So i checked the Documentation from Intel https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2016/06/06/intel-iot-dev-kit-35-release-announcement  what have been changed and as you can see the mraa version is updated to MRAA 1.0.0 and UPM 0.7.0. So what sources do have to use to get that. Also there is a difference in the build configuration the DISTRO_VERSION is 1.7.2 if i use the README.edison instructions DISTRO_VERSION is 1.7.3


      So i really would like to know what have changed in the sources ?
      Are the iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606 the latest sources ?
      Why i'm not able to build from that sources by instructions provided by file called README.edison!!!!!?

      Which files,layers,recipes are downloaded by ./meta-intel-edison/setup.sh --dl_dir=<=/<path_to>/bitbake_download_dir --sstate_dir=<=/<path_to>/bitbake_sstate_dir.
      Why is intel capable of building a new image which new versions of mraa and a lot more recipes and its not possible for me ?


      Maybe this is all my fault and there are already solutions for all my questions and problems....


      It would be nice if intel would provide some more informations about what the doing!