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    update microcode sandy bridge needed for windows 10


      I have a second generation CPU Sandy Bridge that I was told by Microsoft that could not be updated because of a microcode that needs to be updated for windows 10 update install. I have an I5 cpu and a GA-Z68X MB. This is disturbing as the said system is working fine and within 20 % of a more current I5 6600X. Please let me know when  appropriate microcode will be issued.

      Dr Bruce Bersted

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          Al Hill

          That is not going to happen.  Provide the full/complete model number of your motherboard.  There may be another solution.



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            My MB is a Gigabyte GA -Z68X-UD3H-B3 Ver 1.0 .I have loaded latest BIOS  from Gigabyte (U1n UEFI BIOS dated 7/11/2016 with no joy. All Drivers are as current as Gigabyte provided. Boot is MBR.

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              Al Hill

              Ok, for you (and your board) to be compatible with Windows 10, you can upgrade your processor from a 2nd gen to a 3rd gen,  The following list from gigabyte contains compatible processors:

              GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Socket 1155 - Intel Z68 - GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (rev. 1.3)


              So, if you went to an ivy bridge processor, you would be compatible and supported:  Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products

              Intel® Processor Support for Microsoft Windows® 10



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                Hi AL

                Replaced I5 2500X with i5 3570x , but same problem with the anniversary update. Do you think the MB needs to be third generation too? I thought the gen 2 and gen 3 CPU's could be used interchangably  on either MB.


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                  Al Hill

                  If you were able to run W10 prior to the Anniversary update, then the problem lies elsewhere. 

                  3rd gen board?  If the board runs a 3rd gen processor, then I guess you could call it a 3rd gen board.


                  Either board?  Please explain more about the board(s), and what was upgraded from/to regarding the operating systems.


                  I will be going out for a bit, and back in a couple of hours.



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                    The original processor( Sandy bridge I5 2500K  second generation chip)that caused the problems came out at  the same time as the Gigabyte Z68X MB. These are the components  the original post were about and that MS level 2 tech claimed that this configuration was not supported. I happened to have a third generation   CPU  ( I5 3570 )hat I replaced the I5 2500 K on the Z68X MB. This is possible as Intel said that the Z68X MB supported both CPUs , the I5 3570 being promarily a die shrink from the I5 2500. While I do not have handy a third generation MB ( ie likel the Gigabyte Z77X) to see what effect the MB would have. Needless to say I am confused- my MB CPU configuration  was fine for the conversion from Windows 8 to 10 and the major update from Windows 10 to Windows 10 Threshold last fall.

                    Regards Bruce

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                      Al Hill

                      Are you able to upgrade to the anniversary edition?  If so, what problems are you experiencing?  If not, is it failing during the update process?  If so, what error(s) are you seeing?


                      It looks like, from the gigabyte site, that the board has minimal support on W10:  GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (rev. 1.3) , where only the ME and INF are provided.  It seems like full support ceased with W8.1.


                      So, have you applied the gigabyte INF?  For drivers needed, Microsoft would be providing generic drivers.


                      Also, are you using the onboard graphics or an add-on card?


                      Let me know if the problem is with the upgrade, or after the upgrade.



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                        Hi again Al

                        I have been trying to install anniversary update for last month on computer with ~ 5 year old MB (GA-z68X UD3H). System updated easly from Window 7 to Windows 10 and later to  Threshold. System works well , before trying to update to Anniversary. Finally, out of desperation I  called MS support   and got to elevated level 2 support. After 3 hours on the phone I was told that my problem is that this older, but still functioning well MB and CPU, was not supported by the anniversary update. His only suggestion was to  keep using version 1511  and to keep using version 1511,  until it is no longer supported with security and other updates, after which the future is unknown. There is something wrong with picture, since I was strongly encouraged  by MS to upgrade to windows 10  and requred to update to Threshiold last fall (at no point was my system declared not supported, but ready to update before each update. including the anniversary update), and now that I have jumped on the Windows 10 bandwagon, my system is now declared not supported. This seems to be a dangerous precident, in that MS can declare on older computer (that worked fine with older Win 10 updates) not supported with future updates. I might add that my system includes a Geforce 980 video card, SSD for the boot system, and all components (including the MB with Win 10 supported driverrs)  have the  latest  drivers. For the past month I have read many suggestions and have tried most (uninstalling antivirus, disconnecting  any unnecessary drives, usb devices etc, and clean boot  etc. I have tried installing from downloaded ISO and MS update tool. The failure comes is all cases after the first reboot, where the blue Win 10 screen comes up followed by a brief screen fo safe mode, and finally another reboot to my original home desktop for my original version of win 10. The message is "Couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017  Installation of Windows 10 failed in the SAFE_OS phase with this error throughout BOOT operation".
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                          Al Hill

                          As far as the CPU, you are Windows 10 compatible (using the i5-3570x).


                          You have probably done this, but I would remover everything not needed for an absolute "minimum" system - have only one drive, one stick of memory, a wired keyboard and mouse.  Remove all add-on cards, use the onboard graphics, unplug the LAN, printers, scanners, all usb (except wired keyboard and mouse), wireless dongles, etc.  Even go so far as to turn off things on the motherboard, like Audio, LAN, and other unneeded devices.  As far as the SSD for the boot drive, before you begin the above task, clone the SSD to a spare hard drive, boot the HD on 1511 to make sure it works.  If your install media is a usb stick, use one of the usb on the back of the motherboard.  If the iso is on a CD, if you have a portable CD, try it from there.  Do not use any front panel USB.  We want to be at the absolute minimum.  Then, try the upgrade again.


                          If you are successful, then begin adding the devices back, one at a time, and perhaps we can discover which one is the culprit.  If you can add all the components back, one at a time, then you can clone your successful upgrade from the HD to the SSD.


                          If it fails, let's look at the error code again.


                          Sorry, I know it is a pain, but this is the only way we can debug this thing.  Personally, I do not think the motherboard is the issue.  Rather, it is some device that 1607 is having problems with.  I have even seen, as silly as it sounds, systems failing to upgrade to 1607 because a USB device was left plugged in (while the device was physically turned off).  Just a simple, stupid test before doing the above minimal test, unplug ALL USB and try one more time.


                          As far as Microsoft and their Windows 10 position, you are not alone.


                          Let me know how this goes.



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                            Since Windows 10 first came out, MS has had a problem wherein even having a SD card plugged in could cause upgrade errors. I thus echo Doc's comment: disconnect/remove everything you can during the process...


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                              Regret to say no luck-same result and message. Have WiFi PCI card for internet-disconnected( physically removed from MB ),  shut down all things not necessary for boot and drives in BIOS. no usb connections, and shut down all  possible connections in BIOS so they they no longer show in device manager. Appreciate your trying to help.

                              Regards Bruce

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                                Al Hill

                                Have you tried a clean install of 1607 on a clean drive?



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                                  Sorry to say the the end game is apparently near.


                                  1. Tried to clean  install ( empty HD) Win 10 anniversary update to new HD on my old computer with  the GA-Z68X MB and the  Intel 3570 CPU--installation stopped after partitioning and formatting new HD with message that it could continue.


                                  2. Tried to  clean install version 1511 (threshold) to same HD with the old MB and CPU and worked fine


                                  3. Tried to clean  install of Anniversary update to a recent Skylake (Ga-170X MB and 6600X CPU) computer with the same new bare HD- worked flawlessly.


                                  Apparently, the anniversary update is NOT meant for older computers, that Windows 10 and the Threshold major update  can easily be installed on. Not sure what MS has in store for users of older computers  that were encouraged to upgrade to Windows 10. Questions like--Will MS will continue to support older computers that support version 1511 like they claim to intend to  support with newer computers that support the anniversary update and beyond? Or does MS, after encouraging almost everone with published MS requirements intend on  at some point abandoning all updates ( including security updates) support for older copmputers?  If so why did MS not make this information before millions upgraded to Windows 10, who assumed that this “last  windows” would not be abruptly identify older computers as “not compatible”.      




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                                    Al Hill

                                    Sorry to hear that it failed.  I would not give up hope yet.  With the way Microsoft continues to release versions of W10, things may start working.


                                    I would keep the 3rd gen processor on the board.  At least you are compliant there.



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