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    Is warranty voided if I solder header pins on the motherboard?


      I'm talking about the directs header pins on the motherboard, those which on the NUC5iX series are displayed in the technical manual (see attachment 1), but in the NUC6iX series are not only absent in the manual, but they haven't been even soldered on the motherboard. The same with the NUC5PGYH model.

      They are still present as contacts on the motherboard, but need to be soldered directly.

      Attachment 1 - NUC5i5 header pins.pngIMG_20160927_1619102.jpg

      Attachment 1 - NUC5i5 header pins.                         Attachment 2 - NUC5PGYH header connectors without pins.



      I had to solder 2 wires for the remote power trigger and 2 wires for an activity LED.

      On that model these connections are even double, why? They both work.



      Long story short: if I solder wires on the header connectors, is the NUC warranty still valid?