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    Intel Edison Routing Table Resetting Automatically


      Hi all. I've been using Intel Edison for some time for a project. I've setup the wifi to upload some data. Recently, I've been trying to work with a 3G dongle. The dongle is a Huawei dongle that connects to the Edison via USB.


      I use WVDial and PPP to connect the dongle to the internet.I manually change the "/etc/resolv.conf" file to contain the following content:






      I also manually change the routing table to this:



      default via dev ppp0 dev ppp0 src dev wlan0 src dev usb0 src


      The dongle works and I can connect to the internet. However, when I leave the dongle connected overnight, I notice that the routing table and the "/etc/resolv.conf" file reset automatically to this:






      default via dev wlan0 dev ppp0 src dev wlan0 src dev usb0 src


      This means that the dongle connection is lost and the Edison is now using the Wifi to connect to the internet.


      I'm not able to understand this behaviour. Why is the routing table being reset automatically without any human intervention? Is it some setting inside Edison?