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    Intel 7260 ac, latency spikes


      I've had perfect connection for maybe 1 year or so (average 1-2 ms , max spikes around 10-20 ms over 1000 pings). Today the problems came back though.


      I've tried several drivers, I have been using the one that came default with Windows 10 and it have been working superb. until now (the one from 2015, march or something like that). I've tried to update to newest version through device manager in Windows 10 (driver version from 2016), I've also tried the newest version from Intel website (from august 2016) and still no luck, all with equally bad results, maybe even worse with the newest. I've tried fideling around with the settings (turn off power save, lowest roaming and all that). I've also added scanwhennoass... something with DWORD value 0 in the correct registry container.


      Look at the pictures I attached. Even though I was used to having 1 or less ms I could live with 2-10 that are now the new standard for me, but the spikes around 200-500 that are common every now and then are very problematic.


      I'm using a 5.2 GH`z only SSID, link score 100, and none other 5.2 ghz are found nearby (inSSIDer).


      Since it's such a pain in the a** i'm probably going to reset my computer. I haven't done any changes whatsoever on my computer when this problem started, I did connect to my work network trhough VPN yeasterday, and that's pretty much all I did. No programs installed and no system changes.