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    Intel NVMe Driver For Install?




      I recently bought an Intel 600p 512GB m.2 SSD. I am planning on installing windows 7 on it. Because it is NVMe, it needs a driver to be detected by Windows (It is detected in the UEFI BIOS). So far I have not found a driver for this SSD. My question is: Is there a driver for this SSD, preferably one that works pre-installation. I also couldn't find one for Win 7 itself. Am i just bad at navigating Intel's website or was there no driver released for this SSD?


      Also, Im not concerned with the Win 7 hotfix for native NVMe support because that doesn't apply when I am installing Win7



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          Hello OlafTheGreat,

          Thanks for posting in our forum. We understand you need to install Windows 7* in your new SSD 600p series, however, the operating system is not detecting the drive.
          First of all, we don't have NVMe* drivers for that specific SSD, because the drive works with native NVMe* drivers (Provided by the operating system). Unfortunately, Windows 7* does not come with the driver built in, like Windows 8.1* or Windows® 10, that's why there is a workaround you need to follow in order to properly install the OS, with the hotfix provided by Microsoft*.

          We are working to get options so the Windows 7* can be installed properly. Have you considered maybe installing a different operating system? (Windows 8.1* or Windows® 10)