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    D975XBX2 issues with boot up


      Hi everyone,


      Recently, i've been having major issues with my computer.  i'm using the Intel D975XBX2KR motherboard and an intel core 2 quad q6700 processor, A-Data 4gb ddr2 800 memory (2 sticks), evga nvidia 9800gx2, and abs tagan ITZ series ITZ700 700w psu.


      basically here's the symptoms to my issue:

      1) when i press the boot up button on my computer, the cpu led turns on for a half second and then goes away

      2) monitor is saying no signal is coming from the computer

      3) all fans are running at 100% speed

      4) mouse and keyboard LED's do not light up

      5) the computer has a brand new processor and mobo

      6) i tested the power supply with a multimeter and all connections are reading the correct voltages

      7) everything is plugged in correctly.  i've checked over and over to make sure

      8) after about a week or two of not using and taking everything apart and putting it back together, i can get the computer to boot up, but as soon as i play a game or something that is system demanding, the system crashes.


      I've thought about this problem for a long time, and i have no idea.  I've replaced the cpu and mobo with new ones of the same model and that didn't fix anything.  I checked the voltages being supplied by the psu, and those are all working according to standard.  my best guess is it could maybe, but highly unlikely be RAM related.  it wouldn't make sense for the red cpu led to flicker on and off at start up because a memory issue.  and thisn't a video issue because it doesn;t make sense for fans to be running at 100% speed and mouse or keyboard not getting any power.


      any help would be highly appreciated.  first person to figure out my issue gets a cookie  =)