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    DP55WG  ... Discret SATA


      I just setup a DP55WG board and the Discrete SATA shows as ENABELED. this board does not have blue SATA ports.


      Should I DISABLE this option?

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          it refers to the Intel P55 PCH so if you disable it you will disable you Sata connections. Up to you if you want to do that or not i suppose.....

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            The Discrete SATA option is ENABELED and there are no EXTRA SATA ports (blue or red) on the DP55WG board.








            The Chipset SATA ports are listed on the top portion and the DISCRETE SATA ports on the bottom of the picture.


            As a default state the discrte SATA  is ENABLED, however when I DISABLE the DISCRETE SATA ports option apparently nothing happens. I was just wondering what is the best option for teh DP55WG board.

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              This option seems to be only useful for the DP55KG mainboard, but still available in the DP55WG BIOS settings. @Intel: Please disable this BIOS configuration message in the DP55WG BIOS to avoid misunderstandings.

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                Great catch guys, yeah that entire question field for Discrete SATA controller should disappear when that BIOS is running on DP55WG as it has no discrete SATA controller like DP55SB and DP55KG does.  I'll make that BIOS change and have it in a BIOS update that comes out after this next one (coming in a week or so)


                Thanks for posting!