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    Intel 7260 wake on magic packet computer won't stay asleep?


      I purchased and installed the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 card in my Alienware X51 R2.  I am satisfied with ability to connect, speed, etc, however I mainly purchased this card to have the wireless wake on LAN capability, specifically wake on magic packet.


      I have a problem: Wake on magic packet does appear to work, however after I get it configured the sleeping computer still wakes from sleep on other network requests I am fairly confident are not magic packets.


      I've looked at powercfg results, system logs, etc however there is no information other than this card being the cause of the wake up.  The driver that comes from Intel appears to have 'Advanced' network adapter settings similar to the Power Management properties Windows 10 presents (ex. Wake on Magic Packet, Wake on Pattern Match), making the setup confusing.  I am not quite sure how to configure the wireless card...thinking there is a driver problem or some other hidden settings I'm unaware of as I've tried every combination?


      Here are the power management settings I am using that exhibits the behavior described above:



      Specific 'Advanced' settings for magic packet/wake on pattern match are currently set to:


      I am running Windows 10 Pro using Intel 7260 driver version dated 5/3/2016.



      Has anyone else in the community experienced this problem or have any ideas on how to get my system working properly with wake on magic packet?